« The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy. »

Meryl Streep


2 children die in France every day as a result of domestic violence. This is more than 700 children a year. If man is born “good”, how has it come to this?

Devastated by the gravity of this question, Michel Meignant and Mário Viana set off with their camera on a global journey seeking to understand the initiation and propagation of corporal punishment.
This is their story.


Human nature is inherently good
Research by Alice Miller, and more recently Olivier Maurel, supports the theory that human nature is good and that man is not born predisposed to violence or corruption.

The struggle against corporal punishment
Nowadays the practice of “educational” measures, such as smacking, threatening, screaming and denigration are all too often dismissed as harmless and commonplace and in some instances is positively encouraged. Such behaviour is known as “Corporal Punishment”. It is possible to provide a non-violent and caring upbringing, this is called “Positive Parenting”.

To protect our capacity for affection and empathy
Neuroscientific studies have proven that smacking and humiliating children have a negative impact on the development of their brain, especially on their capacity to recognise and feel the emotions of others and to develop lifelong harmonious relationships.

A worthwhile cause for the future of humanity
Given that corporal punishment has a propensity to lead to future violent behaviour, development of positive parenting plays a strong role in its prevention.


Association : Les parents d'amour



Violence hasn’t always existed
by Luc Ulmi
LE TEMPS - Geneva
Saturday, January 24th, 2015

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